DoD Handbook for Wiring Data and System Schematic Diagrams Preparation

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5.1.1 Drawing title page.
The drawing title page shall list the system production unit numbers or serial numbers and each production contract to which the drawing is applicable. The title page shall contain the title of the overall drawing. For example: “Wiring Data and System Schematics Diagrams”. The title page shall always bear the latest revision letter assigned to the drawing (see Figure 4).

5.1.2 Book form drawing revision record.
The revision record shall be mechanically prepared and shall alphabetically list each revision to the drawing by revision letter, omit I, O, Q, S, X, and Z (International V), with the date of the revision (see Figure 5). Each line listing shall also contain the approval authority and a description of the change. A brief description of the change shall be made on the revision page or a reference made to the revision authorization document (design change notice, engineering change order, etc.) describing the change. The change description shall include in addition to the description of the change a listing by page number of each drawing page revised and each new page added by the revision and shall become a part of the book-form drawing filed as supplementary revision data pages. This revision record satisfies the DOD-STD-100 requirement for a revision block containing a change history record on each page of the book-form drawing.

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1. Scope
This standard establishes the requirements for specific preparation and specific presentation of engineering data for aerospace vehicles and aerospace support applications. This engineering data (wiring data and schematic diagrams) is to be used for (1) configuration control by management activity, (2) direct incorporation into technical publications without redrawing, (3) training of maintenance personnel, and (4) development of engineering source document for fault isolation logic and analysis.

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