DOD STD- Integrated Logistics Support Programs for Equipment, Sub-systems and Systems

Keywords DOD standard equipment integrated logistics logistics support programs sub-systems systems

4.3 System phases

The more significant ILS tasks to be accomplished during each of the life-cycle phases are briefly outlined in the following sub-paragraphs:
a) System planning: support concepts are further defined; functional ILS interfaces and performance requirements developed; identify and define ILS plans and resources needed for completion of the Execution phase; further refine costs, schedules, priorities and risks.

b) Acquisition planning: ILS performance specifications prepared; compatibility of support sections of the System Plan and System Acquisition Plan verified and updated as necessary; detailed and specific ILS requirements prepared for use in the Purchase Description and contractual documents; ILSP prepared in draft form.

c) Design/build/integrate: Proposals evaluated' participate in negotiations; acquisition efforts monitored; integration of ILS considerations into the system design accomplished; ILSP prepared in preliminary form; DT&E completed.

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