DOD STD- Data Management Program

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4.1 Data management program

The contractor shall establish a data management program, appropriately staffed and organizationally situated, that will be responsive to the requirements of this standard. This contractor's program shall address all facets of the generation and preparation of contractual management, financial, administrative and technical data and shall include: the administration of contract recordkeeping requirements; data duplication control; data quality control; acquisition/administration of subcontractor/vendor data; storage and retrieval systems; identification and handling of proprietary rights-in-data; maintenance and control of Contractor- developed information and Government-furnished information; handling of classified information; data pricing; and planning, scheduling and delivery of data to the Government. The contractor shall also establish procedures to review contractual requirements for adequacy and selection of the appropriate medium for the data.

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DOD-STD-1700 (NS)
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1.1 Purpose
This standard is to provide the basis for assuring the currency and timeliness of all data being acquired in accordance with the contract and paragraph VI.N.1, and paragraph 6c, Encl. 4 DoDI 5010.12.

1.2 Scope
This standard establishes requirements for a contractor's data management program

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