FAA STD- Engineering Drawing Preparation and Support

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3.1.4 Title Block.

The title block shown in Figure 3-3, Drawing Title Block, is used for recording drawing data. The title block is located in the lower right corner and just inside the format’s boundary. It is sub-divided into rectangular areas that contain specific text data. Each rectangle contains a subject title such as Drawing Title, Drawn By, Approved By, Date and Drawing Number. All text shall be in upper case. The title block in Figure 3-3 is subdivided into three main sections. The revision section is located at the top. The authorizing agency section is located in the middle, and the main section at the bottom. The main section of the title block contains the title, signatures, drawing identification, and the issuing office. All title blocks for drawing sizes D to F must conform to Figure 3-3. The title block overall dimensions are 7-3/8” x 5-5/16”. Items labeled in Figure 3-3 are described in Table 3-4, Drawing Title Block Descriptions. Contractor logo shall be located to the left of the title block and shall not exceed 2-1/4” in width.

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This standard prescribes general requirements for the preparation and revision of architectural and engineering drawings and associated lists that are prepared for facilities by and for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), using the two FAA-accepted CADD software suites, Autodesk AutoCAD and Bentley MicroStation.

1.2 Classification.
This standard shall apply, but not be limited, to the following drawing types regardless of source:
a) Construction drawings for new and existing facilities.
b) Installation drawings for electronic equipment.

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