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UR phase: user requirements definition

The UR phase is the `problem definition phase' of a software project. The scope of the system must be defined. The user requirements must be captured. This may be done by interview or survey, or by building prototypes. Specific user requirements must be identified and documented in the User Requirements Document (URD). The involvement of the developers in this phase varies according to the familiarity of the users with software. Some users can produce a high quality URD, while others may need help from the developers. The URD must always be produced. The review of the URD is done by the users, the software and hardware engineers and the managers concerned. The approved URD is the input to the SR phase. Before the completion of the User Requirements Review (UR/R), a Software Project Management Plan outlining the whole project must be produced by the developer. This plan must contain a cost estimate for the project. Detailed plans for the SR phase must also be produced.

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This document describes the software engineering standards to be applied for all deliverable software implemented for the European Space Agency (ESA), either in house or by industry. Software is defined in these Standards as the programs, procedures, rules and all associated documentation pertaining to the operation of a computerised system. These Standards are concerned with all software aspects of a system, including its interfaces with the computer hardware and with other components of the system. Software may be either a subsystem of a more complex system or it may be an independent system. Where ESA PSS-01-series documents are applicable, and as a consequence ESA PSS-01-21, `Software Product Assurance Requirementsn for ESA Space Systems' is also applicable, Part 2, Chapter 5 of these Standards, `Software Quality Assurance', ceases to apply.

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