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1.2.5 Configuration Management Baselines

The NSA/CSS Systems Acquisition Manual (NSA Manual 81-1) identifies configuration baselines which are normally defined during the system life cycle. The following definitions identify the configuration baselines as they apply to software development.

a. Software Functional Baselines- This baseline is established after top-level system design activities have allocated development requirements to the Software System or Subsystem. It is established with publication and approval of the Software Requirements Specification. This approval takes place at the Software Requirements Review.

b. Allocation Baseline- This baselines is established with the specification of the detailed functional design and the performance of each functional element sufficient to begin the detail design process. It is normally established at a Preliminary Design Review during the Acquisition Phase.

c. Product Baseline- This baseline describes the 'as built' software system in terms of its function, performance, and operational characteristics. It is first established at the beginning of the system integration and continues in effect until completion of the Operational Test and Evaluation Phase.

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This is the second edition of NSAM 81-3. It describes a set of documents and activities that comply with the policies of the NSA/CSS Software Acquisition Manual (NSAM 81-2). Figure 1-1 depicts the sequence of software development covered by NSA/CSS Software Acquisition Manual. It also identifies documents required by the Manual and shows the sequence in which they shall be prepared and reviewed.

Since they were published in 1978 and 1979, these manuals have served as the standard for the acquisition and development of software systems for the National Security Agency/Central Security Service. The new editions for NSAM 81-2 and NSAM 81-3 take advantage of what has been learned in the seven years since they were originally published. Changes to the manuals were not radical. Formats for several optional documents have been added. Other plans and specifications have been modified to emphasize important activities or to make them easier to understand and use. A policy on Software Inspections has been added to encourage more use of systematic peer reviews to detect defects and errors in software products. In several places, the manuals have been changed to encourage, but not mandate, incremental development of software systems. Changes to the original manuals are typed in bold print.

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