Military Specification- Human Engineering Requirements for Military Systems, Equipment and Facilities (1979)

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The analyses shall provide one of the bases for making design decisions; e.g. determining, to the extent practicable, before hardware fabrication, whether system performance requirements can be met by combination sof anticipated equipment, software, and personnel, and assuring that human performance requirements do not exceed human capabilities. These analyses shall also be used as basic information for developing preliminary manning levels; equipment procedures; skill, training and communication requirements; and as Logistics Support Analysis inputs, as applicable. Those gross tasks identified during human engineering analysis which are related to end items of equipment to be operated or maintained by personnel and which require critical (see 6.2.1) human performance, reflect possible unsafe practices or are subject to promising improvements in operating efficiency shall be further analyzed, with the approval of the procuring activity.

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1.1 Scope

This specification establishes and defines the requirements for applying human engineering to the development and acquisition of military systems, equipment and facilities. These requirements include the work to be accomplished by the contractor or subcontractor in conducting a human engineering effort integrated with the total system engineering and development effort. These requirements are the basis for including human engineering during proposal preparation, system analysis, task analysis, system design (including computer software design), equipment and facilities design, testing, and documentation and reporting.

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