MIL STD- Level of Repair Analysis (LORA)

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General Requirements

4.1 General
LORA is an integral part of Logistic Support Analysis (MIL-STD-1388-1). LORA decisions influence the logistics support cost, total life cycle cost of ownership, and operational readiness of the hardware system. LORA decisions are based on economic and noneconomic considerations and readiness objectives. Furthermore, LORA recommendations for new materiel should be made as soon as the equipment preliminary design has been determined and updates as required throughout the life of the system.

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1. Scope
1.1 Purpose
This standard establishes general requirements and specific tasks for performance of Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) during the life cycle of systems or equipment.

1.2 Applicability
1.2.1 This standard applies to all system acquisition programs, major modification programs, and applicable research and development projects through all phases of the system life cycle. This standard is for use by both contractor and government agencies. As used in this standard, the requiring authority is generally a government agency but may be a contractor when LORA requirements are levied on subcontractors. The performing activity may be either a contractor or government agency. The use of the term, contract, in this standard includes any document of agreements between organizations to include a government agency and a contractors, or between contractors.

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