MIL STD- Radar Engineering Interface Requirements, Electromagnetic Compatibility (metric)

Keywords electromagnetic compatibility interfaces requirements metric military standard radar engineering

3.1 Definitions.
The terms used in this standard are defined in ANSI C63.14. In addition, the following terms shall be defined as specified herein.

3.1.1 Active spaceborne sensor.
Active spaceborne sensor is a measuring instrument in the earth exploration service, or in the space research service, by means of which physical measurements of various phenomena are obtained through transmission and reception of radio waves.

3.1.2 Circular aperture array.
A circular aperture is defined as the shape of the array configuration of a planar-array antenna in which the elements are located within a circular area.

3.1.3 Planar phased array.
A planar array is a phased-array antenna in which the array elements are in one plane.
3.1.4 Plane of reference.

A plane of reference is a location in the radio frequency (RF) transmission path, established as close to the antenna as is practicable, where the antenna transmission line i s disconnected from the transmitter or receiver, when necessary, for insertion of couplers, adapters, o r transitions to be connected to measurement instrumentation.

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1.1 Scope.

This standard establishes the engineering interface requirements to control the electromagnetic emission and susceptibility characteristics of all new military radar equipment and systems operating between 100 megahertz (MHz) and 100 gigahertz (GHz), to ensure EMC in all intended operational environments, and to conserve the frequency spectrum available to military radar systems.

1.2 Application.
The interface requirements presented herein apply to radar equipment and systems designed or acquired for use by activities and agencies of the Department of Defense (DoD). The applicable portions of this standard are mandatory for use by all departments and agencies of the Department of Defense unless waived by the cognizant proj ect office with recommendation from the EMC organization within the procuring activity’s command. The applicability of the emission and susceptibility requirements are dependent upon the type of equipment or subsystem, its mission and intended installation.

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