MIL STD- Maintainability Program for Systems and Equipment

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4.1 Maintainability program

The purpose of the Maintainability Program is to improve operational readiness, reduce maintenance manpower needs, reduce life cycle cost and to provide data essential for management. The objective is to assure attainment of the maintainability requirements of the acquisition. The contractor will establish and maintain an effective maintainability program that is planned, integrated, and developed in conjunction with other design, development, and production functions to permit the most cost-effective achievement of overall program objectives. The maintainability program will include the management/technical resources, plans, procedures, schedule, and controls for the work needed to assure achievement of maintainability requirements. Procedures will be established which assure that maintainability engineering is an integral part of the design process, including design changes. The procedures will identify the means by which maintainability engineering contributes to the design of the system or equipment acquisition including its fault detection and diagnostics subsystems at organization , intermediate, and depot levels of application. In addition, the means through which maintainability engineering tasks interface with the logistics support analysis (LSA) process and other related disciplines (i.e., reliability, value engineering, safety engineering, etc.) will be identified. The program will be developed to suit the type of system/equipment, the phase of the procurement (CONCEPT, DEMVAL, FSD, or PROD). and its nature (development, production or modification). The program will be consistent with the criticality of the missions, the severity of the requirements, the complexity of the design, commonality, and the manufacturing techniques required.

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1.1 Purpose.
This standard provides task descriptions for maintainability program. The Tasks, as tailored, will be applied to systems and equipment development, acquisitions and modifications. Software maintainability is not covered by this standard.

1.2 Applicability .
1.2.1 Applicability of standard .
Tasks described in this standard are to be selectively applied in Department of Defense (DoD) contract-definitized procurements, request for proposals (RFP). statements of work (SOW), and Government in-house developments requiring maintainability programs for the development and production of systems and equipment. The word "Contractor" herein also includes Government activities developing military systems and equipment. For NATO collaborative projects, this standard is to be used in complying with the contractual Maintainability Program implementation requirements of STANAG 4174, "Allied Reliability and Maintainability Publications".

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