MIL STD- Measurement of Electromagnetic Interference Characteristics (notice of cancellation)

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4.11 Calibration of measuring equipment and antennas.

Test equipment and accessories required for measurement in accordance with this standard shall be calibrated in accordance with ANSI/NCSL Z540-1: "General Requirements for Calibration Laboratories and Measuring and Test Equipment", ISO 10012-1: “Quality Assurance Requirements for Measuring Equipment”, or under an approved calibration program traceable to the NIST. In particular, measurement antennas, current probes, field sensors, and other devices used in the measurement loop shall be calibrated at least every two years unless otherwise specified by the procuring activity, or when damage is apparent. Antenna factors and current probe transfer impedances shall be determined on an individual basis for each device.

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1.1 Purpose.

This standard establishes general techniques for use in the measurement and determination of the electromagnetic emission and susceptibility characteristics of electronic, electrical, and electromechanical equipment and subsystems designed or procured for use by activities and agencies of the Department of the Defense.

1.2 Application.
The testing techniques of this standard are used to obtain data for determination of compliance with the specified MIL-STD-461 requirements. The test methods contained in this document shall be adapted by the testing activity for each application. The adapted test methods shall be documented in the Electromagnetic Interference Test Procedures (EMITP) required by MIL-STD-461.

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