MIL STD- Maintainability Verification, Demonstration, Evaluation (1973)

Keywords maintainability demonstration maintainability evaluation maintainability verification MIL STD

4.1 General.

Maintainability (M) verification, demonstration, and evaluation shall be performed in-accordance with the M test plan (see 4.2) prepared by the contractor and approved by the procuring activity. The M test plan shall for a part of the integrated support plan when an integrated support plan is required. The M test plan shall be prepared and submitted as part of the contractor's proposal, and progressively updated as design, development, and fabrication proceed. It shall be available for in process review by the procuring activity. Those portions of the total M test plan applicable to specific phases (verification, demonstration, evaluation) shall be submitted to the procuring activity for approval prior to its implementation and no later than the date specified by the contract. The M test plan shall be totally responsive to the qualitative and quantitative requirements and supplemental information contained in the procurement documents and the M program plan required by MIL-STD-470, "Maintainability Program Requirements." The supplemental information shall include, but not be limited to, maintenance concept, maintenance environment, skill levels of personnel, level(s) of maintenance to be demonstrated, and modes of operation for test, including configuration and missions.

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1.1 Purpose.
This standard provides procedures and test methods for verification, demonstration, and evaluation of qualitative and quantitative maintainability requirements. It also provides for qualitative assessment of various integrated logistic support factors related to and impacting the achievement of maintainability parameters and item downtime, e.g., technical manuals, personnel, tools and test equipment, maintenance concepts and provisioning.

1.2 Application.
The standard is intended for use when verification, demonstration, and evaluation of maintainability requirements for hardware procurements is required. The verification, demonstration, and
evaluation of achievement of maintainability requirements shall normally be conducted in three (3) phases, as described in Section 4, and in conjunction with verification, demonstration, and evaluation of the requirements for total Integrated Logistic Support. Exceptions

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