Software Requirements

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The following is a list of possible objectives for instruction based upon this module. The objectives for any particular unit of instruction may include all of these or consist of some subset of this list, depending upon the nature of the unit and the backgrounds of the students.

• The student will be able to describe the products produced by requirements definition, the type of information each should contain, and the process used to produce the products.

• The student will be able to develop a plan for conducting a requirements definition project requiring a small team of analysts.
• The student will be able to perform requirements definition as part of a team working with a small group of end-users.

• The student will be able to evaluate critically the completeness and utility, for a particular audience, of requirements documents upon which software design is to be based.

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This curriculum module is concerned with the definition of software requirements—the software engineering process of determining what is to be produced and the products generated in that definition. The process involves all of the following:

• requirements identification
• requirements analysis
• requirements representation
• requirements communication
• development of acceptance criteria and procedures

The outcome of requirements definition is a precursor of software design.

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