MIL STD- Failure Rate Sampling Plans and Procedures (notice of change)

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2.1 Government documents.
2.1.1 Specifications, standards, and handbooks.

The following specifications, standards, and handbooks form a part of this document to the extent specified herein. Unless otherwise specified, the issues of these documents are those listed in the issue of the Department of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards (DODISS) and supplement thereto, cited in the solicitation. MIL-STD-790 - Standard Practice for Established Reliability and High Reliability Qualified Products List (QPL) Systems for Electrical, Electronic and Fiber Optic Parts Specifications. (Unless otherwise indicated, copies of the above specification, standards and handbooks are available from the Defense Automated Printing Service, Bldg. 4D (DPM-DODSSP), 700 Robbins Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19111-5094.)

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1.1 Purpose.
This standard provides procedures for failure rate (FR) qualification, sampling plans for establishing and maintaining FR levels at selected confidence levels, and lot conformance inspection procedures associated with FR testing for the purpose of direct reference in appropriate military electronic parts established reliability (ER) specifications. Figures and tables throughout this standard are based on exponential distribution. Weibull distribution will be acceptable in certain components such as capacitors. Use of Weibull distribution for any component must be approved by the qualifying activity. This standard also provides guidance to specification writes in the use of this standard (see appendix) and reference material for users of ER parts.

1.2 Application.
This standard is applicable for reference in electronic parts ER specification when the following conditions exist:
a. Electronic parts are essentially the same design and are manufactured under essentially continuous production; the production process is established and controlled in accordance with MIL-STD-790.
b. The part design and manufacturing processes produce a product whose failure rate can reasonably be assumed to be constant with time over its intended life (i.e., an exponential distribution of failures per unit time).
c. The qualifying activity administers this standard to provide the consumer with assurance that the qualified FR level is being maintained by a given manufacturer, since these procedures in themselves are not sufficient to assure the qualified FR level.

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