MIL STD- Environmental Test Methods and Engineering Guidelines (1995)

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4.1 General.
This standard describes a series of engineering tasks and supporting documentation to assure the tailoring of environmental test conditions to individual equipment applications. An environmental engineering specialist should be utilized to effectively apply this standard.

4.2 Tailoring
4.2.1 Objective of tailoring.
The objective of tailoring, as applied in this standard, is to assure that equipment is designed and tested for resistance to the environmental stresses it will encounter during its life cycle. Figure 2
illustrates the environmental tailoring process. Figure 3 shows generalized environmental life cycle histories that may be used in developing a life cycle profile.

4.2.2 Tailoring tasks.
It is necessary to give proper consideration to environments throughout the development process in order to obtain a quality product. To assure such consideration, environmental management plans shall be formulated that require the following engineering tasks: determination of life cycle environmental conditions; establishment of environmental design and test requirements, including a test plan; and collection and analysis of field data for verification of environmental design and test criteria. Proper attention to each of these tasks insures that the correct environments are identified for tests, that engineering development as well as qualification tests are phased properly into the item’s acquisition program, that environmental test conditions are traceable to life cycle conditions realistically encountered, and that testing is appropriate for the test item application. The following plans, tasks, and documentation are established to facilitate the tailoring process.

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1.1 Purpose.
This standard provides:
a. Guidelines for conducting environmental engineering tasks to tailor environmental tests to end–item equipment applications.
b. Test methods for determining the effects of natural and induced environments on equipment used in military or commercial applications.

1.2 Application.
This standard shall not be invoked on a blanket basis, but each requirement will be assessed in terms of the need. Application of this standard early in the development phase of the acquisition process is encouraged. Selected application at other points in the acquisition process may be appropriate. The methods of this standard are not all–inclusive. Additional environments or combinations of environments should be included in the environmental test specification when appropriate. The test methods of this standard are intended to be applied in support of the following objectives:

a. To disclose deficiencies and defects and verify corrective actions.
b. To assess equipment suitability for the environmental conditions anticipated throughout its life cycle.
c. To verify contractual compliance.

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