MIL STD- Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests (notice of change)

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4.1 Program managers
4.1.1 Roles of the program manager.
In the context of this standard, the program manager's primary role is to ensure environmental engineering considerations are addressed systematically, thoroughly, and effectively at appropriate times throughout the materiel acquisition process. The process for accomplishing this integration is diagrammed on figure 1-1. An associated role is to ensure environmental effects information is documented, available, and communicated from one program phase to another.

4.1.2 Guidance for program managers.
a. DoD 5000-series documents call for a total systems approach through systems engineering, considering all life cycle needs, including storage, transport, and operation in natural environments (DoDD 5000.1). Specifically, they call for a description of how performance in natural environmental conditions representative of the intended area of operations will be tested. This includes identifying test beds that are critical to determine if developmental test objectives are achieved, taking into account such stressors as temperature, vibration (random or sinusoidal), pressure, humidity, fog, precipitation, clouds, electromagnetic environment, blowing dust and sand, icing, wind conditions, steep terrain, wet soil conditions, high sea state, storm surge and tides, etc. (DoD 5000.2-R). The environmental tailoring process shown on figure 4-1 and the generalized life cycle environmental profile in figures 4-2 a and b use systems engineering approaches, helping to ensure that system design and test criteria are tailored to environmental conditions within which materiel systems are to operate and that total ownership costs are reduced.

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1.1 Purpose.
a. This standard contains materiel acquisition program planning and engineering direction for considering the influences that environmental stresses have on materiel throughout all phases of its service life. It is important to note that this document does not impose design or test specifications. Rather, it describes the environmental tailoring process that results in realistic materiel designs and test methods based on materiel system performance requirements. Figure 1-1 summarizes this direction.

b. This document supports the functions of three different groups of personnel involved in the materiel acquisition process. Each of these groups is critical to the goal of successfully incorporating environmental considerations into materiel design, test, and evaluation. Although each group has different tasks to perform, none of these tasks can be isolated from the others in a successful acquisition program.

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