MIL STD- Single and Multi-level Continuous Sampling Procedures and Tables for Inspection by Attributes (Functional Curves of the Continuous Sampling Plans)

Keywords continuous sampling functional curves of continuous sampling plans inspection by attributes MIL STD procedures and tables

4.4.2 Order of Production
All inspection should be performed in the order in which he units of product are produced, in order that the source of quality problems can be more easily spotted and corrective action taken. In those situations where maintaining the order of production is not possible for example, when product from two or more identical production lines is merged prior to inspection, the plans herein may still be used provided that the mixing of product from the lines is thorough, thereby assuring a random spacing of any defective units in the flow of product.

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1.1 Purpose
This standard establishes continuous sampling plans and procedures for inspection by attributes. When this standard is referenced in a contract, specification, inspection standard or similar document. The provisions of this standard shall govern the application of all attributes type continuous sampling plans and procedures. Unless otherwise noted herein, the provisions of this standard shall be carried out by the supplier.

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