MIL STD- Technical Data Packages

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4.1 General.

This section covers general requirements for Technical Data Packages. TDPs define the physical and functional characteristics of the accepted configuration of the item and its subordinate assemblies, subassemblies, and parts thereof. TDP levels, types, elements and TDP data management products shall be identified in accordance with this standard and applicable Data Item Descriptions (DID), as tailored and imposed through the TDP Option Selection Worksheet (Figure 2) or as defined in block 16 of the 1423, Contract Data Requirements Lists (CDRL) in contracts, purchase orders, and Military Interdepartmental Procurement Requests (MIPRs).In addition, provisions for the inclusion of minimum software version(s) required to view / open the TDP data set and label the file(s) / media accordingly for usability / accessibility shall be made. See Appendix A for guidance on selection of TDP elements and data management products.

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1.1 This standard provides requirements for the deliverable data products associated with a technical data package (TDP) and its related TDP data management products. A TDP contains elements, is described by a level and type, and may have associated metadata and supplementary technical data. TDP contains a sub-set of product data and product data is a sub-set of technical data. These relationships are shown in the hierarchical breakdown of data in Figure 1.

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