MIL STD- Configuration Management Data Interface

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4.1. General.
DoD activities are responsible for acquiring (delivery of or access to) the configuration information necessary to support program development, production, sustainment, modification and disposal. The data which is necessary for configuration management of these Government assets varies during the life-cycle of the product and is dependent on the acquisition and logistic support strategies for the system/CI. To accomplish this requirement, the Government will maintain a system, or set of interconnected systems, which maintain the necessary information in a form which complies with Appendices B and C. Government activities must:

a. ensure the unique identification of parts, assemblies, materials, software, and supporting documentation;
b. ensure documentation is generated and correlated with the associated parts, assemblies, materials, or software;
c. record the approved and actual structures of fielded units (assets);
d. provide a repository for explanatory and requirements documents;
e. document CCB membership and CCB disposition of proposed changes;
f. maintain a history of the changes to system/CI configuration information and asset configuration;
g. maintain an accurate record of the Government’s decision making role over documents which are delivered to the Government; and
h. monitor audit actions and change implementation actions.

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1.1. Scope.
This document establishes a standard interface for the delivery of, or access to, electronic configuration management data. This interface prescribes the data elements, the data element definitions, and the data element relationships that define the conceptual schema for configuration management data. These interface requirements have been subdivided into data information packets to support various configuration management needs.

1.2. Applicability.
This standard applies to all activities responsible for procuring, recording, maintaining, and disseminating configuration management information.

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