MIL STD- Work Breakdown Structures for Defense Materiel Items (1975)

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4.1 Work breakdown structure (WBS).
The DOD component will structure a project summary WBS for defense materiel items by selecting elements from one or more of the category summary WBS(S) set forth in appendices A through G of this standard that are applicable to the project. From this project summary WBS, individual contract WBS(S) (one for each procurement action) will then be developed by the DOD component and negotiated with the contractor(s). The negotiated contract WBS(S) shall then be extended to lower levels by the contractor(s) to define the complete extended contract WBS(s). When aggregated with the project summary WBS, the extended contract WBS(S) shall form a project WBS. Figure 1 depicts the development and relationship of WBS(S).

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l.l Purpose.
This standard establishes criteria governing the preparation and employment of work breakdown structures for use during the acquisition of designated defense materiel items.

1.2 Application
1.2.1 The work breakdown structure requirements established by this standard apply to all defense materiel items (or major modifications) (a) established as an integral program element of the 5-year defense program (FYDP); (b) where a project within an aggregated program element is estimated to exceed $10 million in RDT&E financing; (c) otherwise designated by the DOD component or Director of Defense Research and Engineering; and (d) all production follow-on of (a), (b), and (c).

1.2.2 This to be used by both (government activities) in the development defense materiel items.

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