MIL STD- Integrated Logistics Support Program Requirements

Keywords integrated logistics support Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) MIL STD support program requirements

4.1 General.

Technical logistic data and information generated through procedures set forth herein provide the medium of communication between the government and the contractor relative to maintenance and logistic support of systems and equipments. The requirements for the development and documentation of an ILS Program will vary in degree and depth as specified in appropriate addenda to this document and the contract. The contractor shall establish management controls that preclude duplication of effort in the development of data required by this document.

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MIL-STD-1369 (EC)
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1.1 Scope

This document establishes the requirements, procedures and formats to be used for the development and documentation of an Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) Program. Integrated Logistic Support, including maintainability requirements, is the result of a planning process designed to aid in achieving maximum overall system effectiveness by taking advantage of the direct relationship which exists between hardware design characteristics and resultant logistic support requirements by considering both, concurrently throughout the design process, in a quantitative manner to provide a basis for weapons/weapon systems/equipment optimization through sound engineering trade-off. As a result, provision is made for more timely and effective support of military weapons systems and individual equipments, in accordance with the stated weapon system plan to be used throughout the entire life cycle. In addition, the documentation required will provide accurate records to assure continuation of an adequate logistics support base throughout the operational life cycle of a weapons system or equipment.

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