MIL STD- System Safety Program Requirements

Keywords MIL STD safety program requirements system safety program

4. General Requirements

4.1 System safety program
The contractor shall establish and maintain a system safety program to support efficient and effective achievement of overall system safety objectives.

4.1.1 Management system
The contractor shall establish a safety management system to implement provisions of this standard commensurate with the program contractual requirements. The contractor program manager shall be responsible for the establishment, control, incorporation, direction and implementation of the system safety program policies and shall assure that mishap risk is identified and eliminated or controlled within established program risk acceptability parameters. The contractor shall establish internal reporting systems and procedures for investigation and disposition of system related mishaps and safety incidents including potentially hazardous conditions not yet involved in a mishap/incident. Report such matters to the MA as required by the contract.

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1.1 Scope
This standard applies to all DoD systems and facilities. It applies to every activity of the system life cycle; e.g., research, technology, development, design, test and evaluation, production, construction, checkout/calibration, operation, maintenance and support, modification and disposal. The requirements will also be applied to DoD in-house programs.

1.2 Purpose
This standard provides uniform requirements for developing and implementing a system safety program of sufficient comprehensiveness to identify the hazards of a system and to impose design requirements and management controls to prevent mishaps. The system safety program addresses hazards from many sources to include system desigm, hazardous materials advancing technologies and new techniques. The aim is to eliminate hazards or reduce the associated risk to a level acceptable to the managing activity (MA). The term 'managing activity' usually refers to the Government procuring activity, but may include prime or associate contractors or subcontractors who impose system safety tasks on their suppliers.

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