MIL STD- DoD Requirements for a Logistic Support Analysis Record

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LSA documentation, including LSAR data, is generated as a result of the analysis tasks specified in MIL-STD-1388-1. As such, the LSAR data shall serve as the Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) technical database applicable to all materiel acquisition programs to satisfy the support acquisition. The DEDs, data field lengths, and data formats described in appendices A and E shall be adhered to by the performing activity in establishing the LSAR database. The specific data entry media, storage, and maintenance procedures are left to the performing activity. Validated LSAR ADP systems are available for automated storage of the LSAR data. A list of these LSAR ADP systems may be obtained from the USAMC Materiel Readiness Support Activity, ATTN: AMXMD-ELi Lexington, KY 40511-5101. The LSAR data forms a database to:

a. Determine the impact of design features on logistics support.
b. Determine the impact of the proposed logistics support system on the system/equipment availability and
c. Provide data for tradeoff studies, life cycle costing, and logistics support modeling.
d. Exchange valid data among functional organizations.
e. Influence the system/equipment design.
f. Provide data for the preparation of logistics products specified by DIDs.
g. Provide the means to assess supportability of the fielded item.
h. Provide the means to evaluate the impact of engineering change, product improvement, major modification or alternative proposals.

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