MIL STD- Work Breakdown Structures for Defense Materiel Items

Keywords defense materiel items MIL STD WBS work breakdown structures

4. General Requirements

4.1 Relationships
The structures and definitions contained in this standard shall be the basis for structures used for contractors requiring compliance with the Cost/Schedule Control Systems Criteria (C/SCSC), per DoD instructions, and the reporting systems of Cost Performance Reports (CPR), Contract Funds Status Reports (CFSR), Cost/Schedule Status Reports (C/SSR), and Contractor Cost Data Reporting (CCDR). This section summarizes the overall relationship between this standard and those policy issuances. Consult the DoD regulations for instructions related to the referenced documents.

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1.1 Purpose
This standard establishes criteria governing the preparation and employment of work breakdown structures for use during the acquisition of designated defense materiel items to display and define the products to be developed and produced.

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