Human Factors for Designers of Systems Part 2: Particular People-Related Requirements

Keywords designers of systems human factors particular people-related requirements

4.1 Adapting the Standard

The requirements in the Standard are to be adapted to the nature of the Solution proffered by the Solution Provider on the basis of technical applicability. Thus, for example, where the Solution does not include the provision of telecommunications equipment, and does not modify or require the modification of, or change of use of, existing telecommunications equipment or systems, then requirements that are specific to that technical area do not need to be complied with. However, the onus remains with the Solution Provider to identify, document and justify such non-applicable areas.

Where MoD acquisition contracts cite Def Stan 00-250: 2008 Part 2, Tenderers must to respond in full to all requirements in the Standard. The Tenderer should consider each specified requirement and determine its applicability to the proposed Solution. It must be noted that as a solution develops, the applicability of the requirements in Def Stan 00-250: 2008 Part 2 may change in relation to the proposed Solution.

The Tenderer should prepare and submit a schedule or a compliance matrix detailing the applicability of the requirements to the proposed Solution, stating reasons where requirements are proposed to be non-applicable. The Tenderer/Solution Provider must obtain the formal agreement of the Acquirer to all such non-applicability claims. The resulting record must be maintained as a Living Document throughout the life of the contract and should form part of the contract deliverables. Customisation and adaptation can thus be managed in a controlled manner, resulting in a sound contract between the Acquirer and the Solution Provider.

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3.1 Organisation and Contents of the Standard
Defence Standard 00-250, Human Factors for Designers of Systems succeeds the previous Human Factors Defence Standard 00-25 (2004) of the same name. The Standard provides a structured presentation of Human Factors (HF) and Human Factors Integration (HFI) requirements, guidance and data, arranged to meet the needs of different types of user. It is focused on supporting the HF aspects of contracts between the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and industrial solution providers. The Standard comprises five Parts:
• Part 0: Human Factors Integration.
• Part 1: Overarching People-Related Requirements.
• Part 2: Particular People-Related Requirements.
• Part 3: Technical Guidance.
• Part 4: HFI Methods, Tools and Techniques.
Figure 3.2 provides an overview of the contents of Def Stan 00-250.

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