MIL STD- Logistic Support Analysis (LSA)

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4. General Requirements
4.1 LSA Program.
An effective LSA program shall be established and maintained as part of the ILS program. It shall be planned, integrated, developed, and conducted in conjunction with other requirement definition, design, development, production, and deployment functions to cost effectively achieve overall program objectives. The LSA program shall be established consistent with the type and phase of the acquisition program, and procedures shall be established to assure that the LSA program is an integral part of the system engineering process. Interfaces between the LSA program and other systems engineering programs shall be identified. The MA program shall include the management and technical resources, plans, procedures, schedules, and controls for the performance of LSA requirements.

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1.1 Purpose.
This standard provides general requirements and cask descriptions governing performance of Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) during the life cycle of systems and equipment.

1.2 Application of Standard.
This standard applies to all system/ equipment acquisition programs, major modification programs, and applicable research and development projects through all phases of the system/equipment life cycle. This standard is for use by both contractor and Government activities performing LSA on systems/ equipment to which this standard applies. As used in this standard, the ‘requiring authority' is generally a Government activity but may be a contractor when LSA requirements are levied on subcontractors. The 'performing activity' may be either a contractor or Government activity. The use of the term ‘contract” in this standard includes any document of agreement between organizations to include between a Government activity and another Government activity, between a Government activity and a contractor, or between a contractor and another contractor.

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