MIL STD- Configuration Control- Engineering Changes, Deviations and Waivers

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4. General Requirements
4.1 Purpose of configuration control
The purpose of configuration control is to manage changes to CIs and their related approved configuration identification documentation to maintain or enhance reliability, performance, interoperability, supportability or operational readiness. (Configuration control begins at contract award using the functional, allocated or product configuration identification prescribed by the Government and continues throughout the life of the CI.)

4.1.1 Procedures
The steps for preparing and processing and engineering change consist of the following:
a. determination of a need for the change;
b. establishment by the originator of a classification of the engineering change as Class I or Class II;
c. preparation of an ECP;
d. submittal to the Government;
e. review;
f. approval/disapproval or concurrence/nonconcurrence in classification;
g. incorporation of apporved (or concurred in) engineering changes in the CI and in the data, including, when applicable, negotiation into the contract;
h. status accounting;
i. verification of change accomplishment; and
j. distribution of documentation change

Note: similar steps only apply to requests for deviations and waivers

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1.1 Scope

This standard establishes the requirements, formats, and procedures to be utilized in the preparation of configuration control documentation. Included are requirements for:
a. maintaining configuration control of configuration items (CIs), both hardware and software;

b. preparing and submitting Engineering Changes Proposals (ECPs), Requests for Deviations/Waivers (RFDs/RWs), Notices of Revision (NORs), and Specification Changes Notices (SCNs);

c. evaluating, coordinating, and approving or disapproving ECPs, and RFDs/RFWs applicable to the Department of Defense (DoD), commercial or non-developmental items (NDI)

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