MIL STD- Technical Reviews and Audits for Systems, Equipments, and Computer Software

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Technical Reviews and Audits

3.1 System Requirements Review (SRR)
The objective of this review is to ascertain the adequacy of the contractor's efforts in defining system requirements. It will be conducted when a significant portion of the system functional requirements has been established.

3.2 System Design Review (SDR)
This review shall be conducted to evaluate the optimization, correlation, completeness, and risks associated with the allocated technical requirements and of the engineering planning for the next phase of effort. Basic manufacturing considerations will be reviewed and planning for production engineering in subsequent phases will be addressed. This review will be conducted when the system definition effort has proceeded to the point where system characteristics are defined and the configuration items are identified.

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1.1 Purpose
This standard prescribes the requirements for the conduct of Technical Reviews and Audits on Systems, Equipments and Computer Software.

12. Classification
The following technical reviews and audits shall be selected by the program manager at the appropriate phase of program development. Each review/audit is generally described in Section 3, Definitions and more specifically defined in separate appendix.

System Requirements Review (SRR)
System Design Review (SDR)
Software Specification Review (SSR)
Preliminary Design Review (PDR)
Critical Design Review (CDR)
Test Readiness Review (TRR)
Functional Configuration Audit (FCA)
Physical Configuration Audit (PCA)
Formal Qualification Review (FQR)
Production Readiness Review (PRR)

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