NASA STD- Software Assurance Standard

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A software assurance program shall be planned, documented, and implemented for software development activities. The software assurance program shall:

3.1.1 Ensure that assurance requirements are documented and satisfied throughout all phases of the life cycle.
3.1.2 Detect actual or potential conditions that could degrade quality, including deficiencies and system incompatibilities, and provide a process to ensure corrective action is taken and completed.
3.1.3 Assure timely and effective preventive action by identifying root causes of deficiencies and nonconformances.

For each development effort, the software assurance process to be applied shall be documented in a software assurance plan in accordance with NASA-DID-M400, contained in the NASA-STD-2100-91, "NASA Software Documentation Standard." The plan shall describe how the activities specified by this assurance standard will be implemented. The software assurance plan shall be reviewed and, if needed, updated at the end of each life cycle phase. The plan shall address, but is not limited to: Descriptions of the procedures for each software assurance task including traceability to assurance program requirements. Description of the role of the software assurance program in activities for continuous improvement such as: A strategy that emphasizes prevention, not correction. Improved use of tools and techniques. Collection and evaluation of metric data. Suggestions for improvements in assurance methods.

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The NASA Software Assurance Standard (hereinafter referred to as the "Standard') specifies at a high level an overall NASA Software Assurance Program for software developed for and by NASA. It provides a consistent, uniform basis for specifying and defining the software assurance program to be applied by the developer of NASA software.

This Standard is at the highest level of software assurance standards developed by NASA. Further issuances of NASA software assurance standards will specify in more detail specific processes within the software assurance discipline. The Standard will have been successfully applied if the: NASA software acquirer tailors it to meet the needs and requirements specific to a software development activity.
Provider of software for NASA develops a software assurance program that meets the tailored requirements. Implemented software assurance program reduces the technical and programmatic risks associated with the delivery of software meeting NASA's technical, schedule, and budgetary needs.

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