MIL STD- Configuration Management Practices for Systems, Equipment, Munitions, and Computer Programs

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3.1 Introduction.
Configuration management is a discipline applying technical and administrative direction and surveillance to (a) identify and document the functional and physical characteristics of a configuration item, (b) control changes to those characteristics, and (c) record and report change processing and implementation status. It includes configuration identification, control, status accounting and audits.
Configuration management is thus the means through which the integrity and continuity of the design, engineering and cost trade-off decisions made between technical performance, producibility, operability, and supportability are recorded, communicated, and controlled by program and functional managers.

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1.1 Scope (Requirements). This standard establishes requirements for configuration management in the following areas:
a. Configuration management plan
b. Configuration identification
c. Configuration control
d. Configuration audits
e. Interface control
f. Engineering release control
9. Configuration management reports/records

1.2 Purpose.
The purpose of this standard is to establish uniform configuration management practices that can be tailored to all systems and configuration items including those systems and configuration items procured by the Air Force for other agencies.

1.3 Application.
Configuration management requirements established by this standard apply during the applicable system life cycle phases of configuration items whether part of a system or an independent configuration item. Contracts invoking this standard will specifically identify the appropriate applicable paragraphs and appendixes or portions thereof as defined in the contract work statement depending upon the scope of the program, other contractual provisions, and the complexity of the configuration item being procured. The contractor shall ensure that all software, hardware, firmware and documentation procured from subcontractors is generated according to the requirements of this standard.

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