MIL STD- Test Requirements Document (Preparation of)

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4.1 TRD. Test requirements developed in accordance with this standard shall describe each UUT and delineate diagnostic procedures to align, fault locate, and validate correct operation of each UUT, by presenting specific test requirements data on standard forms. This information when documented shall be constituted to form a data package entitled the TRD.

4.2 UUT description information and documentation.
Each UUT shall be described in detail which clearly sets forth its form, fit, and function parameters. The descriptions shall supply minimum data requirements or measurement parameters (see Appendix A) and shall be documented using standard forms (see Appendix B).

4.3 UUT diagnostic test information and documentation.
Diagnostic test procedures shall be developed to align, fault locate, and validate correct operation of each UUT. These procedures shall emphasize diagnostic test verification, fault isolation, and UUT alignment requirements. Information prescribed shall be documented using the specified standard forms (see Appendix B).

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a Test Requirements Document (TRD) necessary for the specification, implementation, and maintenance of testing requirements for a system, subsystem, assembly, subassemblv or Special Purpose
Electronic Test Equipment (SPETE) herein referred to as the Unit Under Test (UUT). The standard identifies reference documents, establishes general and detailed requirements standardizing test requirements data and documentation, and detailed procedures for entering test requirements data on standard forms.

1.2 Applicability.
The standard test requirements and data when documented constitute a TRD which specifies the tests and test conditions required to test and fault isolate a UUT. The data package shall be suitable for the following:

a. Writing a test program or procedure
b. Determination of test equipment, tools, and test fixtures required to support a UUT at any level of maintenance
c. Development of abbreviated test language for all systems (ATLAS) specifications and procedures
d. Analysis of UUT readiness and maintenance requirements

The TRD provides the data needed to select or design the test equipment (manual or automated) to test the UUT, design the interface device (ID) to connect the UUT and the test equipment, and develop the procedures to test, align and fault isolate the UUT and the ID. When Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) is used, a portion of the procedures, such as, functional test and fault isolation, are in the form of a test program which automatically controls the ATE during execution of the tests. The UUT is usually a quick disconnectable, repairable item removed from the prime equipment system.

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