MIL STD- Definitions of Human Factors Terms

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Phase 0- Concept exploration and definition.
An early acquisition effort undertaken to explore various materiel alternatives to satisfy a documented mission need, define the most e promising system concept(s), develop supporting analyses and information to include identifying high risk areas and risk management approaches to satisfy the Milestone I (Concept Demonstration Approval) decision, and develop a proposed acquisition strategy and initial program objectives for cost, schedule, and performance for the most promising system concepts. Competitive, parallel, short studies by the Government and/or industry are normally used during this phase.

Phase I- Demonstration and validation.
The acquisition phase undertaken to better define critical design characteristics and expected capabilities of the system concept(s), demonstrate that the technologies critical to the most promising concept(s) can be incorporated into system design(s) with confidence, provide that the processes critical to the most promising system concept(s) are understood and attainable, develop the analysis information needed to support a Milestone II (Development Approval) decision, and establish proposed development baseline containing refined program cost, schedule, and performance objectives for the most promising design approach.

Phase II - Engineering and manufacturing development.
The acquisition phase undertaken to translate the most promising design approach developed in Demonstration and Validation into a stable, producible, and cost effective system design; validate the manufacturing or production process; and demonstrate through testing that the system capabilities meet contract specification requirements, satisfy the mission need, and meet minimum acceptable operational performance requirements.

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