MIL STD- Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transportability Program Requirements for Systems and Equipments

Keywords handling MIL STD packaging storage system and equipments transportability program requirements


4.1 PHS&T program requirements.
The PHS&T program shall be planned, developed and maintained to reflect visibility in the logistics program. The program shall be integrated with the system or equipment design and support engineering program to assure effective and timely accomplishment. The PHS&T program shall contribute to the acquisition of an operationally effective and supportable system, designed for the lowest life cycle cost.

4.1.1 General program goals.
The PHS&T program shall assure meeting the following goals:
a. Transportability of items and equipment, and technical adequacy of packaging designs, shall be consistent with program test, deployment, and logistics support concepts and plans.

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1.1 Purpose.
This standard establishes uniform packaging, handling, storage, and transportability (PHS&T) program management procedures.

1.2 Implementation.
This standard shall be used in preparing requirements included in contractual documents, system management plans, integrated logistics support plans (ILSPS), integrated support plans (ISPS),
packaging management plans, and transportability reports.

1.3 Tailoring.
The overall requirements of this standard must be tailored by the requiring authority, giving consideration to the following factors;
a. Program stage--Concept Exploration (CE), Demonstration and Validation (D&V), Full Scale Development (FSD), and Production and Deployment (P&D).
b. Nature of system or system components--In a practical sense, for example, a hazardous item such as a guided missile will require more detailed control than will a modified commercial off-the-shelf item. In tailoring, the depth and level of effort required for each task and data expected must be defined.
c. Nature and category of the acquisition program--Whether program is for major system or small program. Formal procedures may not apply to all programs.
d. For contractual use, tailor out provisions applicable only to the requiring authority or modify the provisions that apply to the performing activity.

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