MIL STD- Format Requirements for Scientific and Technical Reports Prepared by or for the Department of Defense

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5.2 Front cover.
5.2.1 Outside front cover. Self covers or separate covers may be used in accordance with paragraph 5.9.4. Include on the cover the information shown in the following paragraphs plus special markings, such as security classification, classified by line, downgrading and declassification information and special access statements. Military Services regulations for marking classified information shall be followed. (See DoD 5200.1-R, DoD 5220.22-M, and the respective Service implementing regulations.) Various layouts and type faces may be used, provided related items are grouped as indicated in Figure 1 for unclassified reports and Figure 2 for classified reports. Group I.
Report number. Each report will carry a unique alphanumeric designation, or report number, in the upper left-hand corner (or right-hand corner, when the issuing organization must consider other in-house requirements) of the cover using an alphanumeric designation in accordance with the Standard Technical Report Number (STRN) for example: A.FOSK/TR-81/0494;ANSI z39.23-1974 (Reference 2.3(h)).

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1.1 Purpose.
This standard establishes format requirements for scientific and technical reports, including the DD Form 1473, Report Documentation Page, prepared by or for the Departments and Agencies of the Department of Defense. Its provisions are mandatory for in-house, contractor, or grantee reports according to the Defense Acquisition Regulation (DAR) and the Department of Defense Directives and instructions. Its purpose is to aid the dissemination and secondary distribution of reports; to reduce the costs of preparing, storing, retrieving, reproducing, and distributing such reports; and to aid the interchange of scientific and technical information with the research and development community.

1.2 Responsibility.
The primary responsible DoD office (monitoring office) is responsible”for ensuring compliance with this standard, including the completion of the DD Form 1473, Report Documentation Page, in all scientific and technical reports prepared for or by DoD organizations.

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