MIL STD- Human Engineering Requirements for Military Systems, Equipment, and Facilities

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4.1 Scope and nature of work
Human engineering shall be applied during development and acquisition of military systems, equipment and facilities to effectively integrate personnel into the design of the system. A human engineering effort shall be provided to (a) develop or improve all human interfaces of the system, (b) achieve required effectiveness of human performance during system operation, maintenance, support, control, and transport, and (c) make economical demands upon personnel resources, skills, training, and costs. The human engineering effort shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, active participation in the following three major interrelated areas of system development

4.1.1 Analvsis
Starting with a mission analysis developed from a baseline scenario, the functions that must be performed by the system in achieving its mission objectives shall be identified and described. These functions shall be analyzed to determine the best allocation to personnel, equipment, software, or combinations thereof. Allocated functions shall be further dissected to define the specific tasks that must be performed to accomplish the functions. Each task shall be analyzed to determine the human performance parameters, the systems/equipment/ software capabilities, and the tactical/environmental conditions under which the tasks are conducted. Task parameters shall be quantified, where possible, and in a form permitting effectiveness studies of the human-system interfaces in relation to the total system operation. The identification of human engineering high risk areas shaft be initiated as part of the analysis. Analyses shall be updated as required to remain current with the design effort.

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1.1 Scope.
This standard establishes and defines the requirements for applying human engineering to the development and acquisition of military systems, equipment, and facilities. These requirements include the work to be accomplished by a contractor or subcontractor in conducting a human engineering effort integrated with the total system engineering and development effort. These requirements are the basis for including human engineering in proposals; system, equipment, software, and facility analysis, design and test and documentation and reporting.

1.2 Applicability.
This standard applies to the acquisition of military systems, equipment, and facilities; however, it is not intended that all the requirements contained herein should be applied to every program or program phase.

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