MIL STD- Classification of Characteristics

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4. General Requirements

4.1 Design activity responsibility
When classification of characteristics is required, the design activity responsible for preparing drawings and specification shall ensure that CCs, inspection sampling and other special acceptance requirements are prepared, as provided herein and including in drawings and specifications for the equipment to which CCs apply. Specification of CCs on drawings and specifications rather than in separate documents, is required in order to increase participation by design engineers in C of C process and to simplify the correction, revision and cancellation of CCs.

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1. Scope
1.1 Purpose

The purpose of this document is to establish requirements and procedures for selecting, identifying and classifying essential design characteristics required for government acceptance of products. C of C (Classification of Characteristics) is established for use by producing activities in the development of test and inspection plans and also for use by government quality assurance personnel who are required to review those plans and monitor producing activities quality programs. By providing information necessary to evaluate product quality, C of Cs assist decision-making and reduce judgement demands on government inspectors, indicate essential inspection requirements, facilitate effective allocation of inspection effort, guide the use of sampling, provide information useful for dispositioning nonconforming material and facilitate delegation of waiver and dispositioning responsibilities. C

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