MIL STD- Packaging, Handling, Storing, and Transportability Program Requirements (For Systems and Equipments)

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4.1 PHST program requirement.
A PHST program shall be established and maintained. The program shall be planned for visibility, developed, and integrated with the system/equipment design and support engineering program to assure effective and timely accomplishment. The P HST program shall contribute to the acquisition of an operationally effective and supportable/equipment designed for the lowest life cycle cost. The PHST program shall be consistent with the type and complexity of system/equipment and the system/equipment life cycle phase being procured (see 6.2) .

4.1.1 Lower tier contractors.
The contractor’s program shall assure applicability to lower tier contractors (subcontractors and vendors) delivering portions or all of the system/equipment directly to the Government or for which such lower tier contractors have design responsibility.

4.2 Program interfaces.
The PHST program shall establish and maintain clear interracial relationships with the following other program efforts to the extent that each of these programs is imposed by the contract. Reference to any document in this paragraph or its subparagraphs does not automatically make such document a part of the contract.

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1.1 Purpose. This standard establishes uniform management requirements for a packaging, handling, storage, and transportability (PHST) program. The use of the term transportability program herein refers to those aspects of transportability relative to packaging, handling, and storage and in no way obviates the Department of Defense engineering for transportability program (see 6.1. 2).

1.2 Application.
This standard will be the basis for preparing specifications, work statements, or other documents affecting PHST. The applicable DD Form 1660 displays the applicability of this standard to specific contracts or projects, as also amplified by specific applicable contract or project work statements (see 6.1and 6.2).

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