MIL STD- Configuration Management (notice of change)

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1. This Notice of Change is in response to the Government-Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) Problem Advisory numbered XR1-P-93-02, dated 23 July 1993, titled “MIL-STD-973, SPECIFICATIONS AND STANDARDS, SYSTEMIC PROBLEMS.” This Advisory identified problems associated with the application of MIL-STD-973 on contracts, with “who” does “what” with deliverables to the Government, and with the forms.

a. We can only concur with the Advisory when it stresses that appropriate tailoring of MIL-STD-973 is required for contractual implementation. Users of this Notice of Change are referred to paragraph 1.3 on page 1 as a reminder. Tailoring guidance is provided in paragraph 6.2 on pages 101 through 119.

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4. Holders of MIL-STD-973 will verify that page changes indicated above have been entered. This notice will” be retained as a check sheet . This issuance: together with the appended pages, is a separate publication. Each notice is to be retained by stocking points until the Military Standard is completely revised or cancelled.

5. In this Notice, pound signs (#) are used in the left margin to denote changes (additions, modifications, corrections, deletions) from the basic standard. This was done as a convenience only, and the Government assumes no liability whatsoever for any inaccuracies in -these notations. Bidders and contractors are cautioned to evaluate the requirements of this document based on the entire content irrespective of the marginal notation and relationship to the basic standard.

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