MIL STD- Item Characteristics Affecting Transportability and Packaging and Handling Equipment Design

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S.4.2 Items on wheels or tracks.
The following characteristics are required in addition to the dimensional data required for an item in a container:
(a) Footprint data (plan view, showing length and width of actual area in contact with the ground)
(b) Dimensions indicating relative positions of the areas in contact with the ground
(c) Number of tires,size, locations, and inflation pressure
(d) Pressure of track on surface square inch
(e) Individual axle loads (empty and loaded) and spacing
(f) Front and rear overhang data
(g) Wheelbase (track pressure in pounds per and loaded)and spacing by dimensional sketch
(h) Distance from ground to the lowest
(i) Turning radius
(j) Speed range
(k) Statement of compliance with State requirements when applicable

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In designing packages and handling equipment,the interface between the package and the handling equipment and the item to be packaged or handled must be defined. Further, where the item is a transportability problem item (as defined herein),the interface between the item (packaged or not) and the transportation system must be defined. These interface definitions need to be kept current to as sure proper equipment design and transportability analysis(where required). The item characteristics identified herein are those required to define these interfaces. Availability of these data is an essential prerequisite to container and handling equipment design.


1.1 This standard identifies the item characteristics affecting design and development of packaging end handling equipment as well as the item characteristics affecting transportability (see 6.1 and 6.2).

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