DEFSTAN- Human Factors for Designers of Systems Part 1 Overarching People-Related Requirements

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4 Def Stan 00-250 Part 1 - Scope

Def Stan 00-250: 2008 Part 1: Overarching People-Related Requirements provides a set of 85 generic people-related requirements for contracts between the Acquirer and Solution Providers that deliver Defence capability, systems, materiel, equipment, goods and services. The requirements are expressed in the form of HFI Process requirements intended to influence, through the application of best HFI practice, the design and realisation of Defence capabilities. The people-related requirements are high-level statements that subsume many lower level details. The requirements contained in Def Stan 00-250: 2008 Part 1 apply in their entirety unless otherwise agreed between the Acquirer and the Solution Provider. All MoD acquisition contracts should therefore cite Def Stan 00-250: 2008 Part 1 and require Tenderers to respond in full to each and every stated requirement. Each requirement calls for the Solution Provider to demonstrate compliance, although the exact means of doing so are flexible to a degree.

The requirements are expressed in terms of an assumed bi-partite contractual arrangement between the “Acquirer", (the MoD), and a "Solution Provider", (typically the Defence Industry), for the supply of a "Solution". The Solution referred to in the requirements may be that covered in a particular contract, or may form part of a larger overall solution, either existing or provided by others. The requirements apply where the Solution to be supplied is to be handled, transported, used, maintained or otherwise supported by MoD Service personnel or MoD Civilian employees.

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3 Introduction
3.1 Organisation and Contents of the Standard
Defence Standard 00-250, Human Factors of Designers of Systems succeeds the previous Human Factors Defence Standard 00-25 (2004) of the same name. The Standard provides a structured presentation of Human Factors (HF) and Human Factors Integration (HFI) requirements, guidance and data, arranged to meet the needs of different types of user. It is focused on supporting the HF aspects of contracts between the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and industrial solution providers. The Standard comprises five Parts:
• Part 0: Human Factors Integration.
• Part 1: Overarching People-Related Requirements.
• Part 2: Particular People-Related Requirements.
• Part 3: Technical Guidance.
• Part 4: HFI Methods, Tools and Techniques.
Figure 3.2 provides an overview of the contents of Def Stan 00-250.

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