MIL STD- Test Requirements Document (preparation of)

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4. General Requirements

4.1 Format
The TRD formal shall be as shown in Appendix A of this standard. Data shall be legible on 8-1/2 by 11-inch paper or 8-1/2 by 11-inch foldouts, except for drawings that cannot be reduced to this size without compromising the legibility requirements.

4.2 Content
The TRD contents shall include the following items in the sequence shown. The UUT drawings and functional block diagrams specified are part of the normal data requirements for the UUT and shall not be prepared specifically for this requirements.

a. Cover sheet (reference 4.2.1)
b. Approval sheet (reference 4.2.2)
c. Revision index sheet (reference 4.2.3)
d. Configuration data (reference 4.2.2)
e. General data (reference 4.2.5)
f. UUT interface requirements (reference 4.2.6)
g. Detailed performance characteristics (reference 5.3)
h. Detailed test information (reference 5.4)
i. Outline installation drawings (LRU TRD's only) (reference
j. Unit (main) assembly drawings (LRU TRD's only) (reference
k. Detail and subassembly drawings (reference
l. Writing drawings (reference
m. Functional block diagrams (reference
n. Test flow chart (reference 4.2.10)

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1. Scope

1.1 This standard establishes the requirements for the preparation and control of the Test Requirements Documents (TRD) used in specifying testing requirements for avionic subsystems, units, and subassemblies herein referred to as Units-Under-Test (UUT). These test requirements shall be independent of any specific test apparatus.

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