MIL STD- Configuration Status Accounting Relationship Tables

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B.4.1. Standard CSA data elements.
Required status accounting information shall be expressed in terms of the standard CSA DED codes and DED titles listed in the detailed requirements of this Appendix. Substitutes, alternatives, or variations shall not be used.

B.4.2. Supplemental CSA data elements.
Additional CSA data elements and related features may be added as required and approved by the Government.

B.4.3. Concept.
In a relational database system, information is organized in the form of tables. Categories or columns of information are listed across the top of each table. Individual sets of information are listed as rows. CSA relational tables are two-dimensional matrices of related data. Tables are defined in terms of columns (DED codes or DED titles) and rows (or multiple instances of the columnar data elements). Information in this format can be easily visualized and understood. Within each table, certain data may be defined as foreign key, or key. (Key data is required to be present when a new row of data is established.) These data keys comprise a unique set of identifiers for each row of information in the data table. Relational tables are structured according to the data associations which dictate the table configuration. Although each relational table is independent and equal, data integrity rules will dictate that a row of information be established in a table from which foreign keys originate, prior to the establishment of the lower-tier data table. The interrelationships and data hierarchy between tables are only established through common data element keys and data values. The tables listed in this appendix comprise the total required CSA relational database.

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1.1 Scope.
This appendix establishes the Configuration Status Accounting (CSA) relational tables which constitute the minimum requirements for the Government CM AIS. This appendix prescribes the use of data elements and the format of specific CM records to be used for electronic database access. This appendix defines the business-rule view (also known as the conceptual schema) for the Configuration Management business area for a CALS data dictionary. This appendix is a mandatory part of the standard. The information contained herein is intended for compliance.

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