NASA STD- Measurement System Identification Not Measurement Sensitive

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This standard establishes a minimum set of requirements and recommendations for the use of M&S to support critical decisions.

For decisions based on results from M&S, the risk assumed by the decision maker is often mis-estimated due to inadequate assessment of uncertainties within M&S development, verification, validation, execution, analysis, and reporting. This standard establishes practices to enable a more accurate assessment of this risk by making M&S credibility more apparent to the decision maker. This standard emphasizes documentation and configuration management of M&S to enforce transparency, repeatability, and traceability; and it requires that key M&S personnel receive appropriate training.

The requirements and recommendations are generic in nature. Implementation details of the M&S requirements should be addressed in discipline-specific Recommended Practices, project/program management plans, etc.

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1.1 Purpose
The primary goal of this standard is to ensure that the credibility of the results from models and simulations (M&S) is properly conveyed to those making critical decisions. This will support risk-informed decisions. (By “critical decisions” we mean decisions that may affect human safety or project defined mission success criteria.) The secondary goal is to assure that the credibility of the results from M&S meets the project requirements. This will reduce the risks associated with critical decisions. This standard covers the development and operation (or execution) of the M&S, as well as the analysis and presentation of the results from the simulations. The requirements and recommendations of this standard are intended to assure that:

a. Decision makers can assess the credibility of results from M&S.
b. Credibility of the M&S results can be evaluated against the program or project requirements.
c. Violations of the limits of operation and other improper uses of the M&S are apparent to decision makers, and a summary of the limits of operation is easily accessible
to the decision maker.
d. Processes for modeling and simulation are transparent to decision makers.
e. Results from the M&S are reproducible by third parties.

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