MIL STD- Manufacturing Management Program

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4.1 Manufacturing management program.

The contractor shall establish and maintain an effective manufacturing management program which complies with the requirements of this standard. Application of these requirements shall continue through each hardware acquisition phase. The program shall provide for timely identification of process improvements, and for detailed planning and control of manufacturing functions and for timely and effective transition to rate production as outlined in DOD 4245.7-M. The program shall be subject to review by the government, and m~ be disapproved at any time if it does not meet the requirements of this standard. The contractor shall afford Government personnel access to his technical personnel, production data and documentation to support review efforts.

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1.1 Purpose.
The purpose of this standard is to prescribe the manufacturing management objectives and requirements which must be met by the contractor’s manufacturing management system on any contract which incorporates this standard. The system shall assure effective application of manufacturing management principles and methods to assure efficient manufacture, or preparation for manufacture, of defense acquisition programs hardware. The system shall establish, and assure application through program phases, criteria for capability, capacity, producibility, productivity, manufacturing planning and risk reduction, strategic and critical materials conservation, and surge and mobilization to each aspect of hardware design, procurement, manufacture, and shipment.

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