MIL STD- Contractor Integrated Technical Information Service (CITIS)

Keywords contractor integrated technical IS MIL STD technical information services

4. General Requirements

4.1 CITIS management
CITIS shall provide Government electronic access to contractor maintained data and GFI as specified by the contract. CITIS shall include information services, data configuration management, CITIS security data item index, and ore CITIS functions. CITIS shall provide controlled acces to the data specified in the contract. CITIS shall maintain the validity and integrity of contractor generated CDRL items provided through CITIS. Data accessible through CITIS shall be annotated on the CDRL.

4.1 Information services
Each implementation of CITIS shall provide information services readily accessible to users performing authorized tasks. Information services shall include data directory and data dictionary services and shall provide data administrative and maintenance function.

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1.1 Scope
This standard defines a set of core (see section 4) and tailorable (see section 5) Contractor Integrated Technical Information Service (CITIS) functions which collectively constitute a contractor provided service for electronic access to and delivery of contractually required digital data. It also defines support and ancillary functions necessary to efficiency utilize a CITIS. It does not address the implementation of a system, that provides a CITIS, not the use or content of data accessible via a CITIS

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