MIL STD- Standards and Specifications, Order of Preference for the Selection of

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4.1 General considerations.
Design, application, and quality considerations, as well as economic factors, shall govern the selection of items and processes used in the design, acquisition, construction, and support of materiel for the DoD. Whenever acquisition documents do not explicitly specify the items or standards and specifications to be used, selection of a suitable standard or specification for a specific design application shall be the responsibility of the contracting or design activity. In this selection process, the following considerations shall govern.

4.1.1 Technical suitability
Items and processes shall be selected or tailored from existing standards and specifications which are technically suitable in every respect for the intended application. Factors, such as
function, environment, quality, transportability, reliability, strength, safety, and interchangeability shall be considered in the selection to satisfy the design parameters in every respect. The use of a standard, specification, or other document does not, in itself, ensure the suitability of an item or process for any specific application.

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1.1 Scope.
This standard sets forth the order of preference for the selection of standards and specifications used in the design, acquisition, construction and support of materiel for the Department of
Defense in compliance with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-119 on using commercial practices and non-Government standards.

1.2 Application.
This standard is intended for application in those specifications or other acquisition documents where it is necessary to control the design selection of items, materials, and processes not otherwise specified in the

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