MIL STD- Metric System Application in New Design (1991)

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5. Detailed Requirements

5.1 Metric units
Metric units, practices, and usages shall be in accordance with ASTM E 380.

5.1.1 Preferred units
Unless otherwise specified, the preferred metric units for the commonly-used quantities shall be in accordance with FED-STD-376.

5.2 New design
New items designed under contract shall be of metric design. Hybrid design, however, is acceptable where required to accommodate existing customary items selected in accordance with 5.3. Where applicable U.S. Government, non-Government (adopted for use by DoD), U.S. National or international documents exist which establish preferred metric modular sizes or other design standards, they shall be used to the maximum practical extent. Where a U.S. standard is established with greater definition or restriction than a prevailing international standard, the U.S. standard shall apply.

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1. Scope

1.1 Scope
This standard covers the general requirements for employing the metric system of measurement in new design and in accompanying docuemntation

1.2 Purpose
The purpose of this standard is to describe how the metric system will apply to new design or existing subsystem/equipments, during design of new systems (ships, aircraft, missiles, etc.), in the selection of materials and components, and for configuration and functional description in accompanying documents.

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