NASA STD- Configuration Management (CM) Standard

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Requirements in this Standard are contained in paragraphs 1.2, 1.3, 4, and Appendix B. Appendices A and C provide supporting information to the requirements section. Appendices D, E, and F provide detailed guidance related to specific requirements in the standard. The CM requirements contained within this Standard are mapped to the EIA-649 principles (which are included in Appendix C and are shown in bold face type within this document).

a. Programs/Projects and Centers have the responsibility to create CM systems which address the following CM elements; application of the five CM elements is mandatory:
(1) CM Planning.
(2) Configuration Identification.
(3) Configuration Control.
(4) Configuration Status Accounting (CSA).
(5) Configuration Verification and Audits.

Specific element requirements in section 4 may be tailored in Program/Project and Center applications as described in paragraph 1.2.

b. NASA Suppliers shall implement this Standard as levied in their Center, Program/Project, or contract/agreement requirements.

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1.1 Purpose

This Standard provides a consistent and systematic method for configuration management of products delivered to or produced by the Agency under configuration control to (a) identify the configuration of a product at various points in time; (b) systematically control changes to the configuration of the product; (c) maintain the integrity and traceability of the configuration of the product throughout its life; and (d) preserve the records of the product configuration throughout its life cycle, properly dispositioning the records. NASA CM requirements originate in NPR 7123.1, NASA Systems Engineering Processes and Requirements. This standard addresses the planning and implementation of the following basic CM functions based on EIA-649A, National Consensus Standard for Configuration Management principles. These functions are described as: CM planning, configuration identification (including interface management), configuration control, configuration accounting (including configuration traceability), and configuration verification and audits.

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