MIL STD- Configuration Status Accounting (CSA) Data Element Definitions

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C.3.2 C.3.2. Definitions used in this Appendix. The definitions in Section 3 of this standard apply to this appendix. In addition, the following definitions apply to this appendix:

e. Standard element name.
Any data element which does not include braces ({}) in the element name is a standard data element. In some cases, a standard data element also serves as the basis for establishing the structure (maximum size/length, data type, etc.) and limits the allowable set of values of a data element for a collection of standard data elements with unique roles names. Basic Standard Data Elements have a function or context of their own, and also serve to define a general class of data and ensure consistency in structure and domain. The domain (permissible set of values) of a basic standard data element may be specific or general. Each role-named standard data element includes additional modifier(s) in its title and may be smaller in size or have a domain of values which is a subset of the domain of the basic standard data element with which it is associated. The size and/or domain of a role-named standard data element are shown with the role-named standard data element definition only when they are different from the values shown for the basic standard data element.

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C.1.1. Scope.
This appendix establishes the Configuration Status Accounting (CSA) standard data elements which constitute the minimum requirements for a Government CM AIS. This appendix prescribes the format of data elements required by Appendix B. This appendix fulfills the requirement in MIL-STD-974 for a CALS data dictionary. This appendix is a mandatory part of the standard. The information contained herein is intended for compliance.

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