MIL STD- Technical Manual General Preparation and Assembly Information

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4.1 General.
The general information, style and format requirements and TM assembly instructions provided in this standard supplement the technical content requirements in the other parts of this 8-part standard. It contains general technical content information, mandatory style and format requirements, and TM assembly instructions for the preparation and delivery of all TMs and revisions covering operation and maintenance, at all levels through depot.

4.2 Types of technical manuals.
Appendix A, Technical Manual Content Selection Matrixes, of MIL-STD- 40051 lists specific technical content requirements for each type of maintenance manual, including multilevel TMs, covered by this standard. Each type of TM shall provide in detail the maintenance coverage prescribed for the applicable maintenance level(s) by the Maintenance Allocation Chart (MAC) and SMR-coded items.

4.3 Work package development.
TM data developed in accordance with this standard shall be divided into individual, stand alone units of information work packages. A work package shall be task oriented and fully consistent with the maintenance concept as detailed by the MAC. Work packages shall contain descriptive, operational, maintenance, troubleshooting, support, or parts information for the weapon system or equipment.

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1.1 Scope.
This standard establishes the requirements for the preparation of front matter, rear matter and mandatory style and format requirements for all technical manuals (TMs) covering operation and maintenance, at all levels through depot maintenance. The requirements are applicable for both paper and digital page-oriented TMs. In addition, this standard provides instructions for assembling individual information work packages into complete TMs. Electronic delivery of TMs is accomplished through the use of the Assembly Document Type Definition (DTD). The DTD is available in a digital format. Refer to MILSTD- 40051 for information on obtaining this DTD. The style and format requirements provided in this standard shall be used for text and graphics development for all TMs.

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